Badgers Wood Mega Strim still on

Govt gives go ahead to voluntary work parties.

If you fancy a day out to get rid of the Covid 19 Blues you are invited along to Badgers Wood lake on SATURDAY 14 NOVEMBER to take part in the annual Badgers Wood Mega strim. Having checked with the Environment Agency and the Angling Trust gatherings of more than six people are permitted for work and voluntary events and as the Badgers Wood site is over two acres we won’t have a problem with social distancing, so we are good to go.

This year we decided not to cut the grass throughout the summer months as it provides a habitat for small mammals and insects but it is starting to look a bit untidy so it is time for the annual clear up. This means cutting back all the grass and other growth which will help the trees to get off to a good start and encourage fresh growth next Spring.

At the moment we have five strimmers and two mowers but if you have a decent petrol strimmer please bring it along – we can provide fuel if necessary. If you don’t have a strimmer you will still be welcome as there are plenty of other jobs to do including clearing up the cuttings and if there are enough people we could also do a bit of reed removal and check the trees to see if any need replacing. All in all there is plenty to do so please come along if you are available on the day.

It is also a chance to meet other members and if you need any more encouragement to come along there is the added bonus of a hot drink (please bring your own mug) and we will also be doing a hot snack for those who take part. All we ask is that you wear suitable clothing, boots, gloves etc and any protective gear if you are strimming.

Start time will be around 9 OCLOCK and you can stay for as little or as long as you want but I would recommend hanging around at least until the sausages are served ! If you need any more information contact Tony Elkins on 07981 760972.

30 Oct, 2020