Wildings track closed

The track down to Wildings is closed, please park in the top car park. Thank you.

14 Jan, 2018

No fishing at Hickstead

Hickstead lakes are closed to members. The committee are concerned about the environment around the lakes. Not just aesthetically, but we also have to think about the health and safety of our members. What the future holds for Hickstead remains to be seen, but whatever happens, we will try to keep you informed.

20 Dec, 2017

Flintstones Access

Access to lake and river at Flintstones is from the car park only and not through or over fencing. No cars to be parked on the side of the road especially at the bridge near the river. The entrance gate may have an electronic lock, but it does not close itself. Please remember to close the gate. Thank you.

28 Nov, 2017

Fish Traps

Unlicensed fish traps have been found on the river Ouse recently. Please keep an eye out for traps, lines and floats while on the river and report anything to the EA on their hotline. 0800 80 70 60

29 Jul, 2017

K.H.V found at Swanborough

K.H.V found at Swanborough Lakes near Lewes.

For more info on this outbreak please see this Facebook post.

THIS DISEASE KILLS CARP and can be spread from water to water by damp angling nets and equipment. Thoroughly dry any and all equipment between fishing trips to prevent the spread of this disease.

24 Jul, 2017

Hooked Dog

One of the dogs at Flintstones was found by the owner with a hook inside its mouth with line and weights attached. Due to the owners quick actions he was able to remove the hook without any damage to his dog. As you will appreciate this is very embarrassing for us as it is more than likely that the line was left behind by a club member. On the day the incident occurred, Sunday 9 July, there were four people fishing the lake.

Fortunately we have a good relationship with the owner of Flintstones Manor and we do not wish this to be spoilt by the irresponsible actions of a member.

Please do not leave any discarded tackle at any of our waters and the owner has also asked members not to feed his dogs.

10 Jul, 2017

Hamsey Gate Locked

The gate leading to the cows field at Hamsey is now locked. This gate has been left open several times recently (probably by walkers) allowing the cows to escape. Please park in front of the gate to the left of our usual entrance gate, although there is only room for two cars. The farmer will be providing a new parking area for members soon.

16 Jun, 2017

Parking Permit

We have changed to a paper parking permit which can be found on page 17 of the yearbook.

11 Apr, 2017

Pegs closed at Masons

Pegs 5 to 19 at Masons lake are closed for members health and safety, the paths behind these pegs have eroded and are not safe to use. If and when the situation changes we will advise, for now regard this area as out of bounds, Thank you.

10 Jun, 2016

Caution - Broken Gate

Please be aware that the entrance gate to Hickstead lakes has been damaged. The supporting post is loose and the gate has dropped to the ground and can only be opened if lifted. We understand that repairs will be carried out in the next few days, sorry for the inconvenience.

07 Jun, 2016


Vehicles are parked at the drivers risk - even in designated parking areas. Thefts from and damage to vehicles are not the responsibility of the Club. Horses and cattle will cause damage to vehicles so take extra care when parking on working farms etc.

27 Sep, 2015

Close the Gate

All members visiting Wildings must ensure the gate at the top of the field is kept closed at ALL times.

If you find the gate open, close it, day or night, rain or shine, come hell or high water just close the gate. Don't assume the farmer wants it open, don't leave it open for your mate, don't ask someone to leave it open for you, don't leave it open for "a few minutes".

So to be clear, open the gate, go through, then CLOSE, SHUT, FASTEN, BOLT, SECURE the gate after you EVERY SINGLE TIME.

The owner has also reported that pen fencing has been tampered with, just leave it alone.

18 Aug, 2015